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Welcome to the Homepage of KielAID
This site provides information on progress in the treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and some other autoimmune diseases


Long-Term And Treatment-Free Complete Clinical Remission Has Become Achievable
Severe Lupus Has Become Curable


  • for the first time
  • a protocol for treating severe systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) has been shown to achieve
    • long-term
    • treatment-free
    • and symptom-free
    • clinical remission
  • in a substantial portion of patients treated     
  • this protocol is called the "Kiel Synchronization Protocol"
  • the Kiel Synchronization Protocol is a definitively new and innovative approach, applying well-known substances in a new way
  • it consists of a sophisticated sequencing ("synchronization") and intensification of the dosages of established treatment modalities:
  • withdrawal of all immunosuppressive drugs, including cortisone (to allow activation of lupus-associated lymphocytes)
  • repeated large-volume plasmaphereses (thus inducing activation of lupus-associated lymphocytes)
  • subsequent synchronized high-dose pulse cyclophosphamide (aiming at destruction of these activated and, thus, sensitized lymphocytes)
  • followed by:
  • short-term re-administration of cortisone,
  • granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor, and
  • intravenous immunoglobulins;
  • then: 6 months of high-dose peroral cyclophosphamide
  • treatment starts with a 6-week period of inpatient management
  • (i.e., 2 weeks of diagnostic work-up, 4 weeks of initial treatment)
  • and continues with 5 months of outpatient medication
  • 4-5 months after initiation of therapy cortisone is withdrawn
  • 6 months after initiation of therapy cyclophosphamide - and all other immunosuppressive drugs - is withdrawn 
  • so far 25 patients with severe SLE have completed the Kiel Synchronization Protocol (as of November, 1998)
  • the majority (23 patients, i.e. 92 %) have achieved clinical remission (i.e. no clinical signs of the disease),
  • and the majority (17 patients, i.e. 68 %) have remained in treatment-free remission
  • the first 10 of these patients have passed the crucial 5-year mark without any clinical signs of lupus and without any medication, while
  • the first 3 have even passed the 10-year mark,
  • (the 4th and the 5th patients to pass the 10-year mark will probably do so in January and March, 1999, respectively)
  • the first patient has - in September, 1998 - started her 13th year in complete clinical remission,
  • again:
  • without any clinical signs of lupus,
  • without any medication,
  • and with a normalized immunologic defense system
  • these results clearly demonstrate
  • that long-term and treatment-free remission is principally achievable in patients with severe SLE
  • this is the first treatment approach to achieve this result
  • today no other treatment regimen has achieved any case of long-term and treatment-free remission in a patient with severe lupus (i.e. in a patient with Cytoxan-requiring lupus)
  • today's usually applied treatment approaches are resulting quite often in transitory remission of some lupus data,
  • but overall they are resulting in chronic disease
  • with frequent relapses and hospitalizations
  • with long-term cortisone treatment and all it's serious long-term side effects
  • and often with distinct restrictions in the patients' everyday's life
  • there is still no official definition of the term "cure" as applied to SLE
  • in light of the positive results of the Kiel Synchronization Protocol the relevant official societies should in our view initiate a discussion on defining the term 'cure' as applied to SLE and similar diseases
  • KielAID has forwarded a suggestion
  • attainment of the 10-year milestone without any clinical signs of lupus
  • has prompted us to create the KielAID Homepage
  • in order to bring this message directly to physicians caring for lupus patients
  • and - since we have observed similar long-term treatment-free remissions in some other severe (and often refractory) autoimmune disorders,
  • e.g. pemphigus, uveitis, and, possibly, early and severe multiple sclerosis -
  • to other medical specialists as well


  • this site provides detailed medical and scientific information concerning the Kiel Synchronization Protocol
  • it is intended for hospital physicians, family doctors and their colleagues in the various medical disciplines caring for patients with severe SLE and other severe autoimmune diseases
  • if you are a patient affected by such a disorder,
  • or if you are the relative or friend of such a patient,
  • please inform your family doctor or appropriate health care professional about the KielAID Homepage
  • he or she will possibly be interested and might provide you with expert advice concerning the contents of this site


Attention this protocol is suited only for patients with severe and active disease
and it is not (yet ?) accepted by today's mainstream of clinical science

the latter means (and please be prepared): probably due to the uniqueness of our clinical and scientific results, and although each detail is fully verifyable, we're currently facing continuing skepticism and sometimes even overt hostility from influential parts of the medical community


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